As if it would really happen, the dog was found in the stark desert of Arizona on a sunny afternoon in April, having run away from the movie set where the dog was going to be one of the top stars in Hollywood had the dog been able to cope with the nervous director and the executives on the lot who were found drunk and arrested that night in Los Angeles. It was something to behold.

Movie star dog played a big role

Now that the dog was gone, there was a search. The police got on the radio and made calls all through southern California. And if that was not enough, fire departments throughout the western reaches of the United States were put on alert to capture the hound that was missing for so long.

It was only by bizarre circumstances that the dog was discovered as a helicopter was forced to land near the desert off Sonora when it lost a rudder due to a large object that some thought must be a meteorite. However, the captain or should we say pilot made the recommendation that the copter land in a place called Absinthe Trail where the Indian leader Geronimo once led a small band of Indians in raids on Pony Express headquarters many miles to the west and north of the site.